Rental Terms

Reservation price includes: Insurance with fully comprehensive coverage and No Excess

SCDW (Super collision damage waiver) No Excess
TW (Theft waiver) No Excess
WDC (Windshield damage cover) No Excess
TDC (Tyre damage cover) No Excess
PAI (Personal accident insurance) For all occupants of the vehicle

VAT (22%) and all other legal charges required

Reservation price excludes

Fuel and Parking charges

Not covered by our Fully comprehensive coverage

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Misfuelling, Traffic/Parking fines, Off-road driving damage, Negligent underbody damage, Loss of keys or Car documents

Fuel Policy

Full to Full or in some odd cases return same level as you found it

Extras prices

Gps 5 Eur Day
Child Seat 5-7.50 Eur Day
Booster seat 2.50 Eur Day
Additional driver 3.5 Eur Day

Modification, Cancellation and Refund policy

Since no payment is required online you can cancel anytime